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Since its establishment in 2002, QueerUS (formerly known as LesBiGay Stellenbosch) has been widely recognised as one of the most diverse, unified and well-disposed societies on offer at Stellenbosch University. The society, along with the executive committee as a governing body, strives to serve students identifying within the queer community in a manner that is compassionate, dignified and supportive.

Our social events, in particular, are conducive to the vision that QueerUS strives to uphold as it provides students with a suitable and emboldening platform to express their true, unmasked individuality within a sheltered and supportive environment, devoid of any forms of homophobic/transphobic intolerance.

QueerUS is also an active participant in queer activism and awareness campaigns, as we believe that, in order for society in general to adopt a more informed and progressive approach towards queer affairs, awareness and activism are important supplementary fundamentals. Students who do not identify within the Queer community, but subscribe to the vision and objectives of our society, are also welcomed unconditionally.

All of this and more is codified in our constitution.

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The Executive Committee

Chanté Arab


Chelsea Rae Parenzee

Vice-Chair & Social

Seth Jay Gilbert


Tshegofatso Matsha


Paul Joubert